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Fanclub description, goals, and clubhouse wiki information



The Fanclub


A place where pbwikians can get tips and tricks to super-charge their pbwikis.


This is the official clubhouse of the PBwiki Power Users, friends and PBwiki forum regulars who love to help people out. Our dream is to promote and support PBwiki, which we love very much because it's given us such a super accessible internet tool. We want to make sure that all our fellow pbwikians get the most of their wikis, and help make PBwiki become one of the best wikis for the internet community!


Our Goals


  1. To utilize PBwiki's power of connectivity to its ultimate heights
  2. To unleash the true potential of PBwiki's free wiki
  3. To realize the full strength of PBwiki's peer-to-peer support


Because we love PBwiki so much, we want to help it become the best it can be! The PBwiki Fanclub basically consists of pbwiki users who want to help PBwiki by helping one another and other fellow pbwikians make the most out of their wikis. We promote creativity and dynamic interaction for pbwikis, helping to strengthen and increase PBwiki's super accessibility. We aim to do our best to support fellow pbwikians and helping PBwiki out with our Clubhouse, pbwikifanclub, to supplement the PBwiki Forum.


Join Us!


The PBwiki Fanclub is a place where PBwiki Fanclub Power Users can get together and hangout. It's easy to become a PBwiki Fanclub Power User; you just have to be enthusiastic with helping other people, especially fellow PBwiki users!


Join us now and help spread PBwiki love! ♥♥♥


The Developers


The PBwiki Fanclub is the brainchild of Abernaith and was fully realized by the genius of the "Clubhouse Master Engineer" vietmusic. It was established in May 6, 2006 and was made public in May 9, 2006.


Fanclub Development Wiki


Contact us via this email form.

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