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PBwiki Fanclub FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions



What is the PBwiki Fanclub all about?

It's a place where PBwiki users can work together, share wiki tips and tricks, and ultimately better the appearance, maximize use and productivity of their wiki and pbwikis in general, while meeting people and gaining friends at the same time.



Who runs it, and who came up with the idea?

The PBwiki Fanclub is the brainchild of Abernaith (total PR girl), and was fully realized by her good friend and fellow pbwiki power user vietmusic (Clubhouse Master Engineer). With vietmusic's awesomeness, the Clubhouse was built, to resemble a veritable wonderland for pbwiki users! :)



How do I become a part of the PBwiki Fanclub?

It's real easy. Just go join here and submit your email to us. We'll set you up in the PBwiki Fanclub Google Group. Also, we'll put your name/monicker in the Fanclub MemberList, along with a link to your wiki!



I have a tip I want to contribute. How can I add it?

The simplest way would be to email your tip to the Fanclub, and we'll be glad to post it, with proper credits an' all, for you.


If you're a regular Fanclub member, then of course we'd be sure to add that tip in the Tips by Members section too, where you'll have you're own section, linking back to your member profile in the Fanclub MemberList.


If you're a Fanclub Power User, this means you've got administrator-level access to the wiki and can thus add your own tips at your own leisure. Be sure to add them properly though, or else the Master Engineer or some other helpful Fanclub Power User might come along and polish the code up for you. :D



Why would I want to join the PBwiki Fanclub?


A PBwiki Fanclub member gets a profile section in the Fanclub MemberList. You can also be part of the PBwiki Fanclub Google Group. Your tips will be added into the Clubhouse and linked to your profile in the MemberList. This will, of course, be good promotion for you and your wiki! This is also a good chance to help PBwiki, by helping PBwikians get the best peer-to-peer support system, working in tandem with the PBwiki Forum, and also get the most out of their wikis, be it premium plan or free!



What's a PBwiki Fanclub Power User?

A PBwiki Fanclub Power User is one who hangs out in the Clubhouse and actively helps pbwikians, either through the Clubhouse, the PBwiki Fanclub Google Group or in the PBwiki Forum. It's no pressure to be a Power User though, and you don't even need to be a programming expert or something! You just have to be willing to help others with their wikis, whether it's a basic problem or a slightly more complicated one. If you can help others with simple tasks, then you're already a PBwiki Power User! Alerting other PBwiki Power Users to more advanced problems also makes you a Power User! :D


Just tell us that you want to be one, and we'll let you come on board. :) We welcome everyone into the 'club, yo!



What's in it for me, to become a PBwiki Fanclub Power User?

PBwiki Power Users get to chat in real time while browsing the Clubhouse, using gabbly.com. They'll be able to post in the Updates (you can pick a JLU icon, for this purpose), generally tweak the Clubhouse code, and create their own pages in the Clubhouse too. The wiki functions in a circle of trust, and we all work together as peers. Becoming a PBwiki Power User is a good way to meet friends, like clif_notes and vmguy, and who knows? You might even be able to meet people high up in the sammich food chain too! ;)


As for the rest of the members, esp. those who may not have the time to be an active PBwiki Fanclub Power User but are very interested in helping when they can, you may still contribute to the Clubhouse via the PBwiki Fanclub Google Group, or even just send us an email. We'll see to it that your tip gets posted, with full credits to you of course! :)


Can I use your sammich art in my wiki/site?

Sure, why not? Just please credit these images properly, and if possible, link back to the Clubhouse (http://pbwikifanclub.pbwiki.com). It's usually Abernaith who does the art, but when we get the official PBwiki Fanart page opened, and lots more contributors put in their works, you'd really have to ask these people permission to put up their work in your site, or perhaps print them out and distribute them, before doing so.


Can I recommend you to my friends?

Please do! We'd love it if you spread the word around, esp. to other PBwiki users. We want to help a lot of pbwikians, and that's why we made this wiki. If you want a banner link, nip over to the links page and check out the nifty banners we have!


Will you help me? I've got a problem with my wiki...

Sure! Please, by all means possible, we'd love to help solve your wiki dilemmas. Please tell us your problem through our email form here, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Usually, we will give you a link, which will refer you to a thread in the PBwiki Forum.


And then, you'll also find that PBwiki Fanclub members are usually hanging out in the PBwiki Forum too. The Clubhouse actually works as a supplement to the PBwiki Forum, since it's there that your issue, any issue regarding pbwiki, can be entertained and discussed, not only by us, but by the PBwiki dudes themselves.


And, if the problem's really technical, or involves issues we feel that only the PBwiki guys can actually deal with, then we'll have to advise you to e-mail PBwiki Support about it. (We're only really able to help with code tips and troubleshooting. Otherwise, the problem is definitely out of our hands.)


I would like to make something similar (a form, a shoutbox, etc.)

in my own wiki. Can you please help me?

Sure! Usually, code tips are in the Tips section, and you can view them by Type or Member. But, if you want more specific help with "installing" the relevant code into your wiki, do email us, and we'll be glad to help!


I copy-pasted some code from your wiki, but why doesn't it work right!!?

Usually, vietmusic would write the code specifically for the Clubhouse. It's got a lot of javascript and inline CSS built into it, so if you're no code guru, it's gonna be a tad bit confusing. In which case, please feel free to email us about it and we'll try to help you get the relevant code to work in your wiki too!


I'd like to get in touch with the PBwiki Fanclub administrators...

You can get in touch with us via this email form. Talk to us anytime! We appreciate your feedback and support. :)


You're so cool! How didja do all this???

As you can see at the bottom of the FrontPage, this is vietmusic's creation. The layout design and the code behind it is all through his crazy genius and perseverance and, most of all, his insomniac powers. He's so brilliant, he's gone nuts. And that's why he loves PBwiki.


I want a JLU icon too!

You get one if you're a PBwiki Fanclub Power User. It's basically a way for us to identify ourselves to each other, co'z we are the Crusty Leage. :P


Learn how to become a PBwiki Fanclub Power User here.


I like how you set up your wiki. Is it really totally free?

Yep! The Clubhouse is totally a free wiki, and all of it was built within the pbwiki editor. Witness the true power of PBwiki! lol :P


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