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PBwiki Fan Club

PBwiki tips, tricks, community, and Crusty League veneration




Welcome to the unofficial PBwiki fan club, where we show the PBwiki guys how much we appreciate this amazing service.



What better way to show that appreciation than by letting users know, novices and regulars alike, just how much you can do with PBwiki? Here, we hope to celebrate PBwiki by coming together as a community and sharing in creations, tips, and good times.


Note: This entire page was designed inside the PBwiki editor, and this is a totally free wiki.


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(Read the full FAQ)


Who are you guys?


PBwiki users who have too much time on their hands. Alternately, PBwiki has been such a boon to us that we felt the need to create a community based around it in which users would feel welcome to help each other and mingle.


What's up with the Justice League avatars?


The JL kicks your booty. ph3@r u$!!!!1111


How'd you do (insert a feature) on this wiki?


Oh, you know...magic. Alternative, read the Technical FAQ.




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The Justice League and related characters, logos, etc. are (c) DC Comics.

PBwiki and related stuff is (c) PBwiki.

This is a fan creation. No money is being made from this endeavor. You get the gist.