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Homepage: http://abernaith.pbwiki.com

Screen-name(s): abernaith

Bio: Likes cats, lives for pizza, loves Johnny Depp. She doesn't read fantasy fiction, she devours it. Catch her making a fool of herself in her wiki, her LJ and in various other corners of the internet.


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Homepage: http://aiki.pbwiki.com

Screen-name(s): Dave Raftery, aikidave

Bio: I've been using wikis for at least the last 5 years. PBwiki is my favorite public wiki. I also use Note Studio; it allows me to create a wiki on my PC and my Palm OS, and to sync the data back and forth. I have set up several Swikis at work - a swiki is a wiki written in the Squeak programming language.

I have also been doing Aikido for the past 20 years.


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Homepage: http://freewarewiki.com

Screen-name(s): Clif Notes, clif_notes

Bio: I'm just an average computer geek who loves to try out free programs and surf to cool websites. It's lucky for you that I also love to share what I find. Each week, I send out a plain text email with a link to Clif Notes Newsletter.


• I review several freeware applications.

• I offer Windows tips, tricks, and security advice.

• I also recommend interesting websites I've visited.


Best of all, it's free.

No spam, no ads, no kidding!


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Homepage:Click once and nothing will happen.

Screen-name(s):Yahoo, IM me.:.AIM, IM me


Gender: Male

Heritage: Chinese great grandparents, Vietnese grand parents, Vietnese parents.

Hobbies: Legends, Website design, Wolfeinstien Enemy Territory, Reading, Posting in 5 Forums, IMing, Chess, Music, ETC...

Dislikes: Mushrooms, various food, purple.

Likes: Computer, Internet, Legends, sports, girls, Blue, Knowledge.


At the moment: Getting better at Wolf ET


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Homepage: http://dochuyen.pbwiki.com , http://vietmusic.pbwiki.com

Screen-name(s): SoulGook (AIM)

Bio: Vietmusic is any number of things: classical violinist, biology student, vietnamese folk musician, researcher, rapper, webpage designer. That's not to say that he's good at any of that stuff, but merely that he enjoys doing anything and everything that promotes human creativity and community.


That's probably why he loves PBwiki.


See his homepage for more information about the man himself, or see his current internet project, the Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music. You can also see him performing traditional Vietnamese music on YouTube.


He's hoping to go to medical school someday, as well as become an ethnomusicologist/folk musician.


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Homepage: http://vmguy.pbwiki.com/ Looks like I have to put something serious there now.

Screen-name(s): -None- I'm phone-a-phobic too.

Bio: To be revealed.


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Homepage: http://rfidsoup.pbwiki.com , www.rfidsoup.net

A Glossary of RFID Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations (with some Monty Python for flavor)

Screen-name(s): WilkieWilkin (AIM)

Bio: "I geek therefore I am."

  • My formative influences include Monty Python, all five books of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, WKRP in Cincinatti, and Night Court. (Scary list, huh?)
  • I studied Karate for five years, and I keep saying that I will get back to the dojo. However, with my daughter in girl scouts and my son in both boy scouts and swimming that hasn't happened yet.
  • In the mean time, I have developed an interest in Olympic Weightlifting. I cannot put that much iron over my head yet comparitively speaking, but I love the way people who stick to the machines or bodybuilding freak at the sight of someone doing real lifts.
  • I want to be... a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia...


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Homepage: The Harvester Saga - PBWiki Site! - An Epic Story set in a distant Future...

Homepage: Understanding Your CSS - Some Helpful Links

Screen-name(s): Zypodulous, Nazgaull, Admiral Barbs, Sseren, many others ... take your pick.

Bio: Typical geek whose hopelessly addicted the online games, Star Wars: Galaxies and Everquest. Also loves to write creative stories and uses PBWiki for the purpose of Self-Publication of one such story... Wanna know more? Too bad, thats all I'm putting here, click the first homepage clickie if you want to know more! :D


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Anonymous said

at 9:24 am on May 7, 2006

as for e-mail, the current scheme i'm thinking of is that we can sign up for one of the free form processing thingies and just have pages with forms on them that people can send questions to. how does that sound?

Anonymous said

at 4:04 pm on May 8, 2006

To avoid locking this page too often, we need an out-of-band template we can copy/paste, rather than direct edit.

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