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Technical Faq


FAQ on this wiki's design (by vietmusic)






Did you really use a free wiki?


Yes, this was all designed in a free wiki. The majority of the code was written in the normal wiki editor. The portion that wasn't includes some Javascript that was, for the most part, written in the editor and then moved to external .js files once they became unwieldy.


What design tools did you use?


My design tools for this wiki are rather simple. Although I usually use Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop together for my webpage design needs, I only used Windows Notepad and Irfanview for this wiki's design, in addition to the obligatory PBwiki editor.


Specific tricks. How did you...



...put that banner up there?


Read How to modify the header to see all the options available for changing that section of a wiki page.


...embed the option for a collapsible <toc>


...modify the SideBar?


...add more SideBars?


...do the ticker-bar?


...create randomized content?


...make the NewsBar update periodically?


...add that wicked chatroom?


Questions specifically for vietmusic



Could you design my wiki?


Probably not for free, but I'm not a professional webpage designer so you could probably make me an offer and we could work something out. Doesn't even need to be cash, really, just something to make it all worth my time.


Could you fix my wiki?


Well, don't come to me until you've tried fixing it yourself. That means browsing through either our TipsByType section or our archive of Forum threads. Then I suggest creating a thread in the PBwiki forums and seeing if anyone will answer; that might be quicker anyway if someone else has the answer. Regardless, I'm always there, and I reply to most of the technical problems. Otherwise, if you need me or really just wanna chat, I'm available at dochuyen84@gmail.com or AIM me at SoulGook. If I'm on away on AIM, IM me anyway, I'll get to it.


If your problem is something really involved and will take more than a few hours max to resolve, see my answer to Could you design my wiki?



Are you always so cranky?


Yes. I ooze with crank-itude. That or crunk-itude...depends on how much kryptonite I've been smokin.


Why can't you make it more IE compatible?


Why can't you just use a better browser? ~raytray25

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