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January 10, 2008: Site Cleanup
For anyone reading this, I'm cleaning up this site. It's been destroyed by PBwiki changes in the last year and a half.
-Plombo (6:23:37 AM GMT-6)


June 13, 2006: Header Graphics
Hey Vietmusic!

Got a Question for you about your code listed here CLICKIE!

It is the code you sent me for adding a graphic banner in place of the Title Header. I have noticed one small bug with it that I am curious about.. and I have tried this with different sizes banners.

I have noticed that it wipes out the Logo Graphic that normally appears on the upper right corner, and I have been trying to keep a custom image up there on mine. Is there any way you can think of around this little bug?

-Zypodulous (5:38:49 PM GMT-4)



June 12, 2006: New new new form editor
Please check it out at NewBlog. It uses my new page "self-modifying" hack and should work with all the newest browsers. In the case of MOST incompatible browsers, the edit link just doesn't show up, Mozilla 1.7 does show up and then proceeds to garble the page.


I'd just like all members to test it out so I can see whether it's something I should use permanently.

-vietmusic (9:17:21 PM GMT-4)



May 19, 2006: WOW
your right, only if you login you get that little menu :p

go mr.poweruser

-raytray25 (3:30:10 PM GMT-4)

May 19, 2006: calendar jig
vietmusic is our king

i'm so happy i want to sing

the calendar's so good, i wanna give him some bling-bling

but i've got no monies, so i'm just gonna give him a ring (and say):

vietmusic is the king!



This crazy little ditty is brought to you by abernaith's half-starved and semi-delirious brain. Thank you one and all!

-abernaith (11:30:43 AM GMT+8)


May 17, 2006: The slickest
Check this out...there's a window on the left that will only show up if you're logged in.


Am I awesome or what?

-vietmusic (9:07:13 PM GMT-4)


May 17, 2006: E-mail form working!
Email and Join Us forms are both working again. Thanks for your patience
-vietmusic (7:20:46 PM GMT-4)


May 15, 2006: I'm gone
Or rather, i was gone for about two days and I come back to tons of new stuff... AMAZING WORK! and on a free wiki. pretty soon you'll be somehow working on CSS. now to implement more of this into my wiki. once i get the time
-raytray25 (4:51:35 PM GMT-4)


May 13, 2006: How to change the header: Comprehensive look...
How to change the header


Beyond general page maintenance, I wrote this up because a lot of people wanted to know how I put a banner in the header area. This tip shows everything that is possible, with javascript snippets and even examples that run in real-time so you can see the scripts at work.

-vietmusic (2:59:29 PM GMT-4)


May 13, 2006: keep em comin'
The 'superman loves peanutbutter' drives me totally insane. I will send you the hospital bill if my jaw dislocates


and ooh, what's a neat-o preview button doing in the edit form v2? it looks yummy!

-abernaith (1:12:35 PM GMT+8)


May 12, 2006: Rawrgh
__Continuing on the FrontPage overhaul__
  • I came to the conclusion that the SideBar collapsing was only useful on the FrontPage where we have a thousand different things running on the side at a time, so I coded a script that hopefully IE will find more palateable that only runs on the FrontPage.
  • For screen sizes smaller than 1024x768, the left column disappears completely and the middle column resizes accordingly. Hopefully that is a reasonable solution.
  • The background code was destroying the drawing of the sidebars for some reason....beats me. In any case, the sammiches are gone until I find another solution or we make this a premium.
  • The page currently loads correctly on my FF 1.5, IE 6.0 w/ SP2, Moz 5.0, Opera 8.54. Keep coming with reports
-vietmusic (9:49:27 PM GMT-4)




May 12, 2006: I need your help folks.
Hey everybody,


I need y'all to try to check the page format on a couple different browsers (old version especially) and tell me how the formatting looks. My sister's old IE6.0 won't even load up the page, so I'm trying to figure out what's going on and need to make the formatting as compliant and compatible as possible.


Email me (dochuyen84@gmail.com) or leave comments here if there are any issues, and let me know what browser, version, OS, etc. it was. Thanks!

-vietmusic (1:29:03 PM GMT-4)


May 11, 2006: Protect your Wiki Content!
Protect your Content on your Wiki, disable the ability for viewers to use their mouse to copy/paste from your Wiki!

Protect your Content! Preventing Mouse click Copying!

-Zypodulous (12:54:02 PM GMT-4)



May 11, 2006: lol i am such a guinea pig
vietmusic is making such good progress with the internal stuff, we must not put his efforts to waste! fellow fanclub members, we should all promote the pbwiki fanclub as best we can! through word of mouth, chat, forum, blog, wiki, ANYWHERE! :)
-abernaith (7:40:49 AM GMT+8)



May 10, 2006: New form editor
I finished up the abernaith proof form editor, now v2.0


If there are any more problems, I don't know what to do about it, I'll probably just give up. On the editor, "Generate Code" makes code without previewing. Preview sends the code to the servers to be parsed, using an ingenious method of mine that I won't be revealing.



Newest updates I can remember:

  • Form editor v2.0
  • collapsible <toc> system wide
  • began archiving forum threads
  • Nifty collapsible SideBar
  • Other random hackerish stuff


Still on the agenda page-wise:

  • News Box with random featured news
  • Self-editing form for the updates page.
  • More JLU options
-vietmusic (5:52:49 PM GMT-4)



May 10, 2006: Looking good!
Wow! Almost 200 visitors since going live, not bad! It's a great way to wake up in the morning.
-abernaith (9:08am GMT+8)


May 9, 2006: We've been haxx0red!!!
-vietmusic (7:52pm GMT-4)


May 9, 2006:
Hey guys, great Site, though if I may ask... how in the world did you get the Banner in the place where it is? I'd loooove to do that with mine!
-Zypodulous (4:16pm GMT-4)


May 9, 2006: YAY!
yes!, we are alive :p.

No, i'm not having the Gen. code bug...

what does the generate code require?

Oh, and... whats PR girl?

-raytray25 (3:10pm GMT-4)


And we've gone live!!!


Congrats folks.

-vietmusic (12:40pm GMT-4)


May 9, 2006: This is getting long
I'm gonna have to figure out a way to move old posts out once they start getting outta hand.
-vietmusic (11:24pm GMT-4)


May 9, 2006: banner coolness!
Clif, you make me happy! (T_T) This is going public in a few, just making FAQ and stuff.

-abernaith (8:35pm GMT+8)



May 9, 2006: Added banner
Hi all, I went to BannerBreak.com and played around for a few minutes. You can take it down if you don't like it.

-clif (8:24pm GMT-4)



May 8, 2006: Rawr
I don't have time to find ppl!


Just let me code and I'm basically a happy camper.


Hey, does anyone else have code generation issues?

-vietmusic (11:12pm GMT-4)


May 8, 2006: RE: I just tried out IE7 beta today
all you guys better gear up and FIND PEOPLE to join this little fanclub. We gots to populate the clubhouse and fill it with substantial information, within the next 72 hours if possible! I'm a thinking we could go live anytime within 3 days of this post. Check back with y'all later! B-)


P.S. This is just teh weird. I'm posting this MANUALLY, and in IE6 (btw IE7 ain't for me, yo...just, not free enough) where I still can't generate code!!! Arrgghh!! Previously thought it was an FF bug, but nnn~oooo!!!

-abernaith (8:20pm GMT-4)



May 8, 2006: I just tried out IE7 beta today
I'm getting ready for a trip to Florida tomorrow. Vacation for a week in the sun! Maybe too much sun!


While I was playing around today I tried out the new MS IE 7.


Read my review here: http://freewarewiki.com/f/IE7_beta.htm


Have fun!

-clif (8:20pm GMT-4)


May 8, 2006: Pretty Incredible
All this done on a free wiki


Oh, I see ... it builds code.


He abernaith, I stole your lock.

-vmguy (0:43pm GMT-7)


May 8, 2006: borkedborkedborked
-abernaith (9:22pm GMT-8)


May 7, 2006: We now have smilies!


See? they all work!

-vietmusic (9:19pm GMT+4)


May 7, 2006: wah wah
*mimics* the close button doesn't work...the avatars need filenames...you need to do your laundry...


j/k.... :D

-vietmusic (8:12pm GMT+4)



May 8, 2006: super cool
am in danger of sounding totally lame-o right now, but can't help it. the clubhouse rockz XD
-abernaith (8:08pm GMT-8)


May 7, 2006: Amazing
Vietmusic... this is amazing what you have done. the updates, the extra sidebars... now to test this all on my pbwiki :p
-raytray25 (7:10pm GMT+4)


May 7, 2006: Features
You'll notice that the pseudo sidebars for Members and Tips now act like the real SideBar. Click the title to go to a different page that is editable. I figured that was easier than wading through the code of the FrontPage
-vietmusic (2:45pm GMT+4)


May 7, 2006: Whatcha mean it doesn't work?
I'm using a filled out form right now. Is it not generating code at all or what, abernatih?


When you click, it automatically updates the username field and your filename field. Unless it doesn't in which case I'll have to see what's wrong with my javascript. Works for me and clif, I know.

-vietmusic (1:04pm GMT+4)



May 7, 2006: raytray25
This is was never here, if you think you saw it, its a figment of you imagination.
-raytray25 (10:14pm GMT+4)


May 7, 2006: Comment link in update blog
doesn't work at all! But hey, vietmusic is really awesomest Crusty League dude. And also, bout the blog icons, co'z like you have to type "/f/av_yaddayadda.gif" for it to turn out right. Would be nice to just click the avatar image above the member quickpost form and then the appropriate filename will pop up in the box.
-abernaith (6:12pm GMT-8)


May 7, 2006: Truly I am awesome
Guys, check out this Form for the easiest way ever to update the blog-like Updates section of the site.


Am I cool or what?

-vietmusic (0:22am GMT+4)


May 6, 2006: Grand opening?
Hi Folks, very nice wiki. This one is hi-tek. Great job Abernaith and Vietmusic.


Clif (3am GMT)



May 7, 2006: Liek woah, we grow so fast!
The clubhouse looks so cool now...


I have no idea where vietmusic is getting all this energy, but I'm sure glad he's so enthusiastic in making our little clubhouse come alive. What a firestarter! XD


-abernaith (9:00am)



May 6, 2006: Why is vietmusic not so sexy anymore?
I made her say I was sexy. So now I am given a haiku of revenge:


Picking on my nose

while poking in this wiki,

I thought, "Mmm...yummy."


-abernaith as vietmusic (2:50am)


May 6, 2006: Why is vietmusic so sexy?
He makes my heart flutter. I will compose a haiku:


he wanders my heart

all man, passion and a brain

can there be compare?


-vietmusic as abernaith (2:38am)


May 6, 2006: Grand opening?
Okay, so me and abernaith have finally got our heads together and started this thing, as primitive as it looks right now. It'll get better. Honest.


-vietmusic (2:17am)






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Anonymous said

at 3:47 pm on May 8, 2006

I still can't figure out how the JLU icons turn to Orange (selected).

Anonymous said

at 1:08 pm on May 9, 2006

it's manual...lol

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