Make an option to toggle contents on/off (Part I)


by vietmusic


Toggle Contents


Method 1

You know how Wikipedia has a collapsible table of contents? We can do something similar with a little ingenuity and some javascript. Just paste this in wherever your <toc> usually is:


<script language="javascript">
function toggleTOC() {
if (document.getElementById("mytoc").style.display!="none")
<a href="javascript:toggleTOC()">**Toggle Contents**</a><div id="mytoc" style="margin-top:-15px"><toc></div>




If you want neater code, put the stuff between <script></script> at the bottom of your page.


Now you'll have a link above your <toc> that allows you to turn it on and off.


Another way...


There's an option that's even slicker...go to page 2